Monday, 3 May 2010

Grandma's Special Rose On A Ruby Tuesday

Grandma Vina Belle (Crockett) Vanderveer
this wonderful Lady was the one that created the Garden to which the site is dedicated

This is the Vini Vanderveer Tulip. I created this tulip by propagating a Parrot and a Darwin. At the moment it is unique, as it is a one of kind. Or at least I hope so. I tried to create one for my Grandmother after I took over her Vegetable Garden. Grandma went to the seniors home with Dementia.
With a few attempts one took hold and this was it. It took four years to even bloom from seed. So I had no idea what it would be like. That year I did some home expansion and it had to be moved too early. So another 3 years and this is that time.
I understand that this may be already out there some where, if so that is okay. But this one tulip is one I created for my Grandma. Original or not it is for her.

Here it is open and I think it is wonderful

Happy Ruby Tuesday everyone from reg...


  1. I would not have guessed this was a tulip! The striped effect certainly demands attention! Fascinating and beautiful!

  2. First of all, my jaw drop when I saw your tulips. It's just so pretty and I don't know if I saw one like this. Second, you cross breed this one, you are so genius ^_^ and your so sweet you honor your grandma with beautiful flower like this one. And no doubt at all your tulips is so beyond wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Happy RRT!


  3. that is so amazing to be able to do that and it looks so beautiful and unique at the same time. You're just so sweet to do it for your grandma and am sure she'd be happy to see it.

  4. Thank-you ever so much both of you. I had no idea this tulip would even look like this. It was a huge surprise for me. I had thought I had lost it when I had to move years back. I am so pleased to see it bloom again after 4 long years. It had only ever bloomed once before. Surprisingly the year my Grandmother died in 2006.