Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary / A celebration of "Red" in Spring

Very first thing, Happy Birthday Mary. I hope you have a wonderful day and will be pampered.

This is Asia and she wishes you the best in the day as well. She told Terry S. that this had to be posted. And Terry S. told me I should!!!!!!!!! The Red Tag makes it legal !!!!!!

Now to celebrate the Spring that was in red
So Spring is all wrapped up for another year and looking forward to what Summer will bring. I promise lots of red to come. Happy Ruby Tuesday!!!!!


  1. The simple wonders of nature.
    I am excited about the new Robin's nest that has come up on the creeper in our terrace garden !!

  2. my Robin has 4 very young chicks at the moment. I want to take pictures but it is rather difficult. So I will leave them alone. It is truly beautiful to see all this Nature at work.

  3. What beautiful photographs!

  4. So much red! I love flowers and the close-ups are crazy!

  5. oh sonny sikora..what a beautiful ruby tuesday post you have created!
    that princess, asia, wishing our mary a happy birthday is a real cute thing and she IS legal with that red dog tag!
    and that flowing red stream of niagara region garden flowers is singing happy birthday to our beloved teach!
    what a marvellous sight they are sonny!!
    love terry

  6. Wow every one is being so kind, Thank-you all so far. I truly enjoy sharing my pictures and exploring other peoples Ruby Tuesday entries. I must admit that I only looked at few to-day so far and comment on even less. However that will change.