Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Falls

To-day I went down to the Falls and took some pictures. I can tell you my feet hurt!!!!!. I took over 1,000 pics and I tried to decipher the good from the bad and then the most interesting from what was left for here. The idea for these pics are the Gardens here at the Falls and not so much the Falls them selves. So here they are in groups of 6's. No particular order, and better no writing!!!! I hope you all enjoy the series of pics from to-day. I lived across Canada and for a time in England, Niagara Falls area is where I call home


  1. dear sonny..these pictures of the niagara falls would really be good for post cards.
    they are very good.
    it is no wonder you had tired feet and sore after all of the walking you did on this photo shoot and the day wasn't even warm was it?
    you are a true photographer but you are a good writer too!! terry

  2. Thanx again terry It was actually a very nice day that day. It got a whole lot worse in the evening with the thunderstorms. Then a week worth of what the heck is this weather all about !!!!!. I was so pleased with the pictures. I keep thinking though once you seen pics of the Falls they all look alike.