Thursday, 13 May 2010

Some pics around the garden

Wisteria floribunda Lawrence (Japanese Wisteria Lawrence) This plant is ten years old and is amazing. I have it on one of my out buildings and just looks great this time of year. However it is one that needs control. A few pruning a year will do just that

Matteuccia struthiopteris (Ostrich Fern) These are wonderful in the heavy shade areas of the garden and also do well in the sun. However they need a lot of water. If not, they dry up a lot and look very ugly in the garden so be prepared for that. Also they are a spreader, easy to control though.

Polygonatum (Solomon's Seal), Fantastic plant and looks great. Mine are a meter high. These guys spread over time but easy to control as well. They stay green all year long.

Syringa Sister Justina (Lilac Sister Justina) probably the nicest White Lilac of them all. It does not look sickly like a lot of the white ones. My Niece gave me this as a gift a few years ago and I cherish it a lot.

Primula (Primrose) Not sure what variety this one is but it belonged to my Grandmother so it has a special place in my heart. It does not have the great large flowers of the hybrids but I love it. It tends to look natural

Polygonatum (Soloman's Seal) Just a close up of the flowers

Ilex Blue Prince (Blue Princes Holy) (male) These are wonderful in the winter garden. However the male does not put up the berries that we all love at Christmas. These shrubs stay rather low here in the Niagara Region compared to the huge tree like plants that you would find on Vancouver Island. In order to have the berries you have to have a female of the same variety. That is called the Blue Princess. You can plant up to 5 to one male


  1. you are up pretty late tonight sonny.
    i am too.
    this week bernie and i spent quite a lot of time shampooing the church carpets and all of the chairs..over one hundred and fifty of them[chairs that is] and so now i am trying to catch up on your posts.
    what a sight for sore eyes these pictures are!
    my favourite ones are the solomon's seal.
    and it is so heartwarming that you treasure your gramma's and your niece's plants.
    lots of history in that garden of yours sonny!
    love terry

  2. Yeah Terry, there are still a few of Grandma's plants here but very few. Kind of sad really. Still I am very protective of whet is hers here. Believe it or not my favourite of Grandma's is her Rhubarb. It was all hers and better I get to eat it!!!!!