Sunday, 2 May 2010

Some Garden Structure

One of the path ways in the garden.
 The pond as of May 2nd. The plants are starting to hide the liner now and the whole is starting to have the effect of a natural setting. It is easy to forget that there is nothing natural what so ever about a well designed Pond. It should always look natural. Mine only looks natural from May till November. That said that is about the only time people really see it. Except for me!!!! In April there are other distractions so the liner and pumps can be excused!!!!
One of my large bronze cranes (a fountain). This one stands 1.3 meters tall. The tulips here are called Tulipa Apricot Beauty (Apricot Beauty Tulip). These guys are very tall (my tallest tulips). I think it is one of the tallest to be had. Also one of the last to bloom out. Kind of funny really, one of my first is the shortest. one of my last is the tallest. The nice thing about these Bourj Dubai !!! Tulips is that they are really strong and do not blow over in high winds.

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