Monday, 24 May 2010

The Last Tulip

This guy is the last tulip of the season. All the others are now dead headed and started storing energy for next year. This is when the garden starts to look ugly for a time as the tulip leaves start to die back. I am always tempted to take those leaves off, but I must wait . Hard thing to do as there is so much there till about mid June. All said, the Tulip garden is well worth it and the transition from spring to summer is always exciting anyway. Remember never remove the leaves till they are finished up.


  1. Your pictures are breathtaking!

    I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.

  2. I pray that all goes well, remember what is God's will, is. I pray for everything to go smoothly for you all.

  3. dear sonny..such a lonely and sad sight.
    we looks so much for them to come but then when these frail flowers leave, it is a sad sight indeed!
    the song is true that says,
    "fairest flowers soon deacy"
    youth and beauty pass away
    oh you have not long to stay.
    be in time

    be in time
    be in time
    while the voice of jesus calls
    be in time
    If in sin you longer wait,
    You may find no open gate,
    And your cry be just too late:
    Be in time!

    don't forget our maray t's birhtday is tomorrow terry

  4. AWESome pictures ya got here!