Monday, 28 June 2010

Canada Day/ Ruby Tuesday

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Our Flag from 1957 to 1965, The previous one had green maple leaves.

Our Post Office built 1930. Decked out for Thursday

A local store , This one always shows the flag, I like that.

Sadly two more Canadians died on the weekend in Afghanistan. Both Medics.

With Bush in power this has become a rare site in Canada. Now we are seeing more American Flags flown again. I like that. Our neighbours are also our friends.

Again Happy Birthday Canada on July 1st. we are now 143 years young
A really nice rendition of O Canada here


  1. oh what a great idea for a ruby tuesday sonny sikora!
    oh i just love that union jack flag that you have included.
    sonny when you were just a little boy on feb, 1965 in public school when the red maple leaf flag was raised for the first time, did you kids pledge allegiance to it like we used to do to the union jack?
    i don't think we did in high school.
    this is a great post and when i think of what those hoodlums did in toronto this week, i think they should be ashamed of themselves!
    just to think that the day before, two of our medic troops a girl and a boy had given their lives fighting for freedom!
    god bless you sonny and god protect your terry

  2. sonny..have you enabled your comments?
    let me know because if you didn't, i saved the comment that i just wrote and i will repost terry

  3. A very interesting post. Thanks for sharing!
    RT~Fiesta Hollyhock

  4. Happy Canada day to you too Reg. Are you having a BBQ Party?

  5. Happy Birthday, Canada. You have a lot of pride in your country.

  6. Melanie, actually I am going to Ottawa on Wednesday evening. I am hoping to see the Queen there on Canada Day. That will be a real treat for me. The Hill is a great place to be on our Birthday and will be made even more special, with the Queen there.

  7. Terry My comments are showing for me any way. I am not sure what you mean

  8. are you really going to see the queen sonny?
    oh i hope you get lots of pictures of her!!

    ok about the comments sonny..i guess it must of taken a while for my long comment to get on!
    love terry

  9. Terry yes I am just for the day I will be back on Thursday night