Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Houses on my Block, all 100+ years old

Here are some homes on my Street in Dunnville. I hope you enjoy them. They are 100 years old +

This one is beautiful. The gardens are just lovely.

There are several houses in Dunnville, with this Block Construction. I really like it. It makes them look like they will be here a long time.

This house just became a historic society home. The lady that owns it has been true to the house and it's original character.

here is one of my favourite neighbour-hood  Homes. It is just lovely and well kept. The steps are being repainted. I love the Balcony.

Here is the little Lady on the block. This is such a lovely little house. They have the most beautiful lighting at night for it

another beautiful house on my block. I like the green on the shutters

I really like this house. It belongs to a person I know. This house is brick that was painted yellow. I thought it would look awful but it does look beautiful. It has a cottage feel about it in amongst the huge trees.

This house had large renovations done to it in the 1970's. It destroyed the 1880's style of the interiors. Now it has been restyled back to the 1880's but with all things modern.

This house and the next one next one are special to me. I have a personal interest in them. I love these two houses a lot. The one below will be familiar to people who follow this Blog as the home most featured here.

I hope every one enjoyed a small tour of my Block. I will be featuring my Home-town threw out Canada Week. Which is basically from now till July 1st.


  1. so nice sonny!
    when we go through dunnville, we love the looks of these lovely homes.
    what is splendid about them is that they are so far off the street and the lawns are real beauties.
    mom golden knows all the histories of these homes...she grew up in dunnville
    there is a house there that she showed me one day where your future babysitter was born!
    hmmm..i guess they didn't have hospitals in the olden days, eh?

    sonny sikora, you would make a real good real estate guy! terry

  2. Thanx Terry!!!!!, Not really I just love all these old places. and they surround me here.

  3. O the big hospital was built in 1952. before that we had a hospital that was a mansion converted to the original Haldiman War Memorial.

  4. Cool! I love old buildings.

  5. frozen in time, amazing.

  6. I am so blessed to live where I do. However I forget some times. All these house went threw a lot of up grades in the last several years. Most where falling apart. At some point it became fashionable to save these Lovely time capsules. It is strange how these old towns evolved. On my side of the street these huge houses stand proud and across the street from me are modest small homes. What is so great is that every house is so individual to all others. not like in the city where you have a community with every house looking the same.

  7. my thing I can say...gorgeous! just gorgeous....I wonder how much those houses cost by now.

  8. these are gorgeous looking homes Reg. thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanx for the comments, What I am willing to say is that if any of these houses where in Toronto they would cost millions each. However in a small town away from the main high-ways these homes do not nearly have the values.

  10. dear sonny.
    mom golden is feeling low the last few days.
    would you mind if i print these house pictures out for her?
    we are going there now and i will show her the pictures now on her own terry

  11. of course help your self. By the way I hope your mom is doing fine. I will pray for her as always, but a special one this time

  12. Your block sure is a pretty one! Here the old houses are surrounded by newer ones, I guess because they are century-old farm houses and had lots of land around them in the beginning.

  13. The street I live o was the main threw fair 120 years ago and I understand at the time it was fashionable for the towns business owners to build their big homes on the main street. Dunnville at that time was one of the biggest towns in the Niagara region so it had lots of plants and factories. We took a huge nose dive 60 years back and just now recovering. So many of the big places where just torn down so these plus a couple of other homes are just about what is left from a long local repression. My home the one I live in was built by the first Liqueur store owner!!!