Saturday, 17 October 2009


Bombus impatiens:,  Bumble Bee
Aquilegia pyrenaica:, Columbine
This Bumble Bee is Cheating the Columbine here by taking the nectar from the out side. The intent for the Columbine is for the insect to go into the flower to induce pollination. Here the Bumble bee is biting the flower on the out side and taking the Nectar. Hence no pollination. Not all is lost however as many other insects will use the front door.


  1. this is so funny sonny!
    bernie even had to chuckle at this one!
    such nice contrasting colours in this photo! and how aptly you have described this deceitful fella' terry

  2. glad you enjoyed it. as you can tell I pay attention to the Garden a fair bit.