Friday, 9 October 2009

the Birth of a Butterfly

Here is the reward, however small of not using Insecticide in the garden. This is a female Monarch Butterfly born in the garden. Life thrives here and in almost perfect balance. On occasion it does happen that I must use something. In those cases I try one of a few home remedies. I will post a few later on
Side note. The Monarch Butterfly was named for King William III of England. he was King with his Wife Queen Mary II during the late 1600's


  1. pretty pretty pretty sonny.!!
    what a good shot..a priceless treasure that fell right into your lap!

    have a great thanksgiving weekend and i am looking forward to your quotes from christ again!
    love terry

  2. I will do that to-marrow

  3. Terry if you go to my Facebook page you will see the whole series of pics from egg to adult. I also made a small video of it