Friday, 9 October 2009

Spring Bulbs

Growing tips for Daffodils/ Narcissus

Site and soil preferences: Hybrid daffodils, the ones most commonly planted, will grow almost anywhere, although they do prefer well-drained soils with a sunny or light shade environment. The species types are more specific in their requirements. Many come from mountainous regions and need excellent drainage.
Planting bulbs: Narcissus should be planted from August to November, the earlier the better, at a depth three times the height of the bulb in beds, borders and large containers. In lawns they are best planted slightly deeper, at a depth of 15cm (6in). If your soil is heavy and poorly drained, mix a handful of grit into the base of the planting hole. This will increase drainage, thus reducing the likelihood of fungal diseases.
To create a really good display in a container, plant bulbs at different depths to increase the number of bulbs that can be fitted into the space.
Side note Squirrels do not eat these plants or their Bulbs as they are poisonous. They are for us as well.  However Tulips are not poisonous, in fact they have a Sweet Flavour to them but very poor in nutrition.


  1. where i used to work in the country, sonny looking after an elderly lady, every spring her garden and lawns were full of daffodils and they surely did brighten a place up!
    they really didn't give me any trouble either as i captured pictures of them.
    you sire don't have to go anywhere but your own back yard, eh sonny to have photo shoots!!
    have a great day..
    today i am taking mom golden out for her blood tests and then i will take her for breakfast.
    it is going to be a busy day because after breakfast we are going to see aunt marions daughter, little marion...
    god bless terry

  2. Yes I really go threw my garden with the Camera about once a week, a lot of fun to see the pics much later in the year and go wow that was incredible!!!!!