Monday, 12 October 2009

A Bride Maid's Splash

Rhododendron macrophyllum  in the family Ericaceae ; Rhododendron Black-sport 

The word Rhododendron literally means "Rose Tree" in Greek. 
These are wonderful plants. evergreen in the winter and beautiful in Bloom in late Spring. Unless you live on Vancouver Island and they have a type that blooms in January. Anywhere else in Canada you just have to Hate Love them out there. Seems so unfair some how!!!!!!!.
Hint here: These guys really should get winter protection here in Southern Ontario. This year of 2009 we had an okay winter but in March we hit a cold record spell and killed most bloom buds that where exposed. This is a time when you think all is safe for the year. The Rhodo's love acidic soil. if you have non Acidic soil like I do there are cheap to free fixes for this.. Go to your nearest coniferous tree and rake up as many needles as you can and mix it into the soil around the plant.. Or if you have left over tea dump it on the ground around the plant, meaning water it with tea. also Tea bags and coffee grounds are perfect for this.


  1. This is my first visit to your blog. I also love to garden and take photos. I see you have a lot of red flowers! Stop by my blog and take a look. Your photos and info are excellent.

  2. well i hate to be forever repeating myself sonny, but this is surely beautiful!

    i got the big mistake fixed...maybe you weren't online when i accidentally put my ruby post on to your blog.
    ha..i had to do some fancy footwork to put it back where it belonged!
    i must say though, it sure did look a lot better on your black background..
    talk to you terry

  3. That is what they call it too here in Korea.

    Please take a peek on my first Ruby Tuesday entry. Seeyah!

  4. Terry I missed the whole event.!!!!and again thank-you for the kind comment