Thursday, 8 October 2009

Gold Finch

Carduelis tristis
Passer domesticus  The House Sparrow is not a sparrow at all but a finch from the Fringillidae Finch family. They are European
this was a wonderful investment, to buy a feeder specific for Gold Finches. no other birds or Squirrels could get to the feed


  1. dear sonny..grace just loves finches..
    she used to have them when the kids were little and they are so cute.
    do you have trouble with the neighorhood cats?
    we do and they not only kill the birds but they go after the squirrils too.
    they are monsters!

    i like your profile picture..

  2. thanx , wow yes I do we have a number of strays here and the neighbour feeds them :( O well their heart is in the right place. My biggest problem was one cat was a great fisher cat and actually cleared over a dozen small KOI (18 cm length) in a matter of a week. Very expensive fish dinner!!!! I no longer feed the fish by hand