Friday, 16 October 2009

"Swan Lake"

Eufuchsia:, Fuchsia Double Pink 
This picture really reminds me of the Ballet of "Swan Lake". 5 little girls on stag.
This can be a tricky plant to grow . However I found with a lot of neglect in a huge planter with other things it thrived. It was in some shade and did great. I actually forgot about it. I bought the plant 10 years ago and I managed to save it from year to year. bring it in and leave in a cool place. By spring it is an ugly stick. then out it goes early May, and by Canada Day (July 1st) it is beautiful. I have found that a lot of the time leaving plants alone is the best gardening style. and they perform their very best. These guys do like a lot of feed, so I use a good all round one first thing in the spring and that is all it gets. plus leaves from the previous year.
These guys come from Central , and South America. There are a few that are native to New Zealand.
When buying them in hangers I suggest to take them out of these and replant them in large stationary planters with other things. Or a few of these together. They do not like to dry out at all, and Veranda planters (Hanging Baskets) are horrible for that.


  1. oh sonny...they are so delcate and royal looking...
    so so nice.
    i might one day swipe them from you and use them on my blog? terry

  2. go right a head and use any picture you like when ever you like. However if some one offers you millions of dollars for the use of one picture or more say yes and we will split it !!!!!!!!!!

  3. yeh sure sonny..we'll split it.
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