Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Conclusion of the First Week for this Blog

Thank-you all who have visited this site in the last week. 1,000 hits WOW. not to mention 58 comments. Special thanx to Terry who was a great help, and Jake who is a great spell checker!!!!!!!!


  1. dear sonny, kiddo of mine...i am very, very proud of you!
    fifty eight posts aleady!
    for the year 2005-2006, i made only 76 posts!
    wow!....i am so terry

  2. I am astounded. yep 58 posts and 1,000 hits I can not believe it. Again thanx for putting this in my head to do it. and then to help me make it happen. my counter tells me where all this comes from but not the who which is great by me. I have been seen on all contents except Africa so far. just amazing. Grandma's name is going around the world. The Ruby Tuesday and you are where most of the posts are from and that is wonderful as well. Now to get followers