Wednesday, 21 October 2009

I'm Big Now

Turdus migratorius, also called North American Robin
This guy just left the nest for the first time about a minute before the picture was taken. His baby picture is the one just below this. same guy. A little less attitude in this pic, however you can see that he is proud of him self, or scared half to death from what he just did. His parents never bothered with me ever when I took pictures up close of the nest from egg to here. however this time the Male actually attacked me. I guess it was doing what it felt right for the family. A new stage in the Family Development and the Dad did not know what I would do. So there was no pics taken after this one of that family.
This nest was in a  Catalpa speciosa Standard:, Catalpa Tree Standard just a few feet from the kitchen door


  1. aw is he ever cute sonny!
    this is the last time that you saw him?
    my sister, gracey used to care for deserted starlings and robins. well not really deserted but ones that had lost their moms to a car or a cat.
    one time she raised a family of starlings for weeks, and they thought that she was their mom. when she sadly had to let them go on their own and this was hard for her, it seemed it took a bit for them to get used to the idea and take off!
    yes this little guy is really sweet! terry

    maybe i should make a post of her with those starlings..

  2. yes you really should. that would be so much fun