Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Moth that thinks it is a Humming-bird

Eumorpha pandorus:,  Pandora Sphinx Moth


This guy is incredible, when you fist see it in the garden you think first thing it is a Humming-bird in every way. I do not see them often but on occasion they will be here in large numbers. I only saw one this year. They are also attracted to the same flowers as Humming-birds. As you can see here it is going for the Monarda didyma :, Bee Balm. They are fascinating to watch, and very beautiful to look at.

If you have Bee balm in your garden you will never regret it. More so, it is even a wonder beverage. Easy to make a Herbal Ice Tea with it. What you do is make your tea as you always would. But add the young leaves of the Bee Balm to it before adding very hot water. Let it steep for 5 minutes and then strain it. Add honey to your liking and lemon and then chill. Serve with Ice and it is refreshing. Just another great way to enjoy flowers from the garden. Don't use the old leaves as they can be bitter.


  1. dear sonny...this is way too funny!
    you were so fortunate to get this photo opportunity!
    the guy surely does look like a humming bird!
    the tea sounds good for people that like those health teas but me..just give me a cup of tea that is real tea...ha..red rose brown!
    love terry

  2. I so agree with you. however I do not like Tea of any kind unless I am ill. However I do not mind this as a refreshment on a hot day for something different.

  3. :) When we first moved from Miami to north Florida 22 years ago, I first saw these big moths.
    I, at first, thought they were hummingbirds! They are very interesting to watch!

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