Wednesday, 7 October 2009

This was started on October 8th 2009.
the idea is just to show my garden here in Dunnville, Ontario and add suggestions and the such about each plant. Also the nature of the garden such as insects and animals that visit, and of course a few things about Dunnville, and Niagara Falls,Ontario as well.


  1. good going sonny!
    i knew that you could do it and how proud you will make us of dunnville!
    way to terry

  2. Thanx Terry now to figure out my first picture to use

  3. for sure about a picture of you in uniform?
    i am now going to add you to my favourite terry....ha! your old babysitter!

  4. Okay you asked for it a pic in Uniform

  5. oh just great on the titles sonny sikora!