Sunday, 11 October 2009

life goes on

(Papilio glaucus) Eastern Tiger Swallow-tail female

Okay, when people see this picture and ask what kind of Butterfly it is, I say it is a Tiger Swallow-tail. People think I am nuts, generally the comment is that it can not be because it is black. Good observation, however this is a female. This older Lady is in the Black form, there is a second colour format for the same species gender that resembles the adult male. This has to be the most striking butter-fly in the garden.
A sad story for me is attached to this picture. My Mom passed a way a few hours before hand. I took a walk in the garden for reflection. This butter-fly was just there. It gave me a sense of peace, I think. As it was I had the camera outside so I took the picture.


  1. yes that would be so sad for you sonny..and then finding this lovely picture to share with us, your friends was so kind of you.
    just look at those beautiful flowers in the background.
    you are a superb photographer sonny sikora,
    it is a delight to come to your blog and discover more pictures!!
    love terry

  2. wow thank-you. This blog was because of you. I would not have done it on my own. Thanx for the suggestion dated last Wednesday