Monday, 19 October 2009

A few pics of Niagara Falls, Ontario,_Ontario
I thought people might enjoy a few pics of our part of Canada, This of course is Niagara Falls
the Horse-shoe Falls or Canadian Falls
the Skylon Tower, and the New Falls Casino
the Niagara Falls, Ontario Skyline
The American Falls and the Bridal-Vail Falls


  1. dear sonny...doesn't it seem strange with all this beauty so close to us that we rarely even take advantage of it and go to visit there once in a while?
    such a shame and such nice photos you have taken[as usual!] terry

  2. haha thanx I wish I would go more often my self.I would love to take my camera and just take pics of the incredible Gardens. some as nice as any in Europe. However I rarely ever go. To close I guess.

  3. How talented, night pictures...Great post Reg.
    Shirley Jarrett