Thursday, 15 October 2009

Break Time

Archilochus colubris:. Ruby Throated Humming-bird (Female)

This Bird had a nest in my Picea pungens Hoto:, Hoto Colorado Blue Spruce. It was the most incredible thing to see. This clothes line is not far from it maybe a meter. It was made of course of spider webs and some fine wool (I think) it had gathered. She had two babies, I never took pics of it as I was afraid to interfere with their lives. Nor did I ever get a pic of the male. However he was around. This Lady actually trusted me to a point, or at least I think it was trust. She would hover about a meter from my face for a minute or so, and then take off again. I also understand that they are territorial, so she could have been giving heck for being there!!!!!

poor me I am suffering from a bad cold!!!!!!


  1. ha!!
    or she could of been taking a good look at your eyes just like the black raven i that poem that plucked out the eyes our of someone..
    she just didn't want you to be a house wrecker sonny sikora!!
    anyway this is one fantastic picture!
    you better get some chicken soup into you for that cold.
    i have a big pot of it on the stove....such yummy medicine! terry

  2. That sounds so good to me. My cold is worse to-day. maybe a good sign as in that it will not get much worse before it gets better.