Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Town of Dunnville,_Ontario
This is a shot of our great little town of Dunnville, Ontario Canada. Population 13,000.  It is situated on the Grand River in the South East of our Great Province. It is not far from Niagara Falls to our East, Lake Erie to our South and Lake Ontario to our North.. To the West of us we have the great farms that make Ontario one of the most productive food baskets for the world. Our closest major American City is Buffalo, New York United States of America.
I live just off the page left of the picture on the other side of the River.

I did not take this picture


  1. dear sonny...this is a good picture and although i was born in the huge "city" of dunnville, i left my heart in my beloved mantoba!
    mom golden, betty and teddy were all born in dunnville too!
    gary was born in the welland annex.
    alas sonny! i will forever be a manitoba terry

    ps... i do hear tell that dunnville has FOUR traffic lights now.
    do you ever go to the "deli" sonny. bernie and i used to meet the local motorcyclists there on a saturday morning.

  2. I rarely go to the Deli, how it is not far from me. We have 3 sets now of lights two on Broad St. and one on main at the bridge, We are growing fast. I did not realize you and your siblings where born here. That is so cool.I knew your Mom was however.Know wonder Gary is such a great guy, being born in a Great Town!!!!!!. Funny out there on the Prairies, Dunnville would be a big place, but not here.

  3. i sent your link over to sandra tonight.
    i will let you know how she likes it.
    no boogaloo [gary], your hero was born in welland, the city "where rails and water meet."
    when dad joined the air force we were stationed in trenton and that is where sandra,panda, gracey and frail gail were born!
    then when we moved to my beloved manitoba and rivers, well that is where david and karen were born.
    it seemed dad and mom golden had babies in every port...hahaha.
    i have a funny story about the time dad golden didn't really like mom golden and us kids going to sunday school.
    when david was born, mom golden called him paul and dad golden was really annoyed.
    he said, "no you are not going to call him a bible name! we are going to call him david!"
    of course dad golden did change his mind about our going to church,,,in fact he kind of liked the idea after a while sonny...
    i just got up for a tylenol and a glass of juice and saw your name here and so i thought i would say hey!
    i better go back with my cough to bed! terry

  4. O darn I wonder makes Gary a nice guy!!!! That is so funny about naming David. You have to love those stories like that.