Sunday, 11 October 2009

the After Birth!!!!

Epiprocta,  Dragon-fly:  I do not know what type this is, so I will refer to it as just "Dragon-fly"
Anisozygoptera ,  Dragon-fly is disbanded so no longer used to identify Dragon-flies
This is the exoskeleton from a Dragon-fly Nymph after it crawled out of the pond. Fascinating. I missed the event itself  however. Other than the back the whole thing is in one piece. it is incredible at times how Nature works. Another mosquito killer on the loose.


  1. ha!..a mosquitoes killer, eh sonny?
    we feed the birds all year round and some people say we shouldn't but those "some people", sure do have lots of trouble with mosquitoes whereas we don't because after the birds have dined on bird seed they hit the air for dessert...yummy!..mosquitoes!
    bernie has seen those birds catching them in mid air and chomping them down!
    good picture of this dragon fly kiddo of mine!
    love terry

  2. cool, glad you like it, Here is an interesting "did you know". The only time a Dragon-fly can walk in its entire life is when it is climbing out of the water as a Nymph. Those long strong legs are of no value for walking at all. However for perfect gripping second to none.