Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Golden Glance
Acer platanoides:, Norway Maple
This is just a shot of a Norway Maple in my backyard. The yellow in it was intense. However by this evening with the rains and strong winds the leaves where all but off the tree. So a lucky shot for me. These along with the Acer saccharum :, Sugar Maples are the favourite of yard landscaping from the Great Lakes to Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada, and through New England in the North Eastern parts of the United States


  1. see sonny boy..i told you that you have some really nice autumn pictures in dunnville...this one is a terry

  2. you inspired me with your lovely pictures you posted the other day. I have more but I just loved this one. The one I used for the Parable just stood out in a conservation area just a half KM from the house here. It is near the Seniors Home and it was amazing

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