Wednesday, 7 October 2009


my Grandmother Vina Vanderveer at 92. A truly Christian lady. Missed by many, the site is for her.


  1. oh sonny sikora..this is such a nice picture!
    i remember that is how your gramma looked when mom golden and aunt marion used to visit her in the hospital
    you know you said she had dementia but the nicest thing is that even though she did, she never once forgot who jesus is...just an incredible little lady terry

  2. Yes and as Grandma became older and the dementia became worse, she became even tolerant of all faiths in Christ. I read her the Bible every evening for nine years. Even though she was deaf. She could not hear me but I showed her what I was reading and she would just try to listen threw the spirit. I did it even in the end days when she was already beyond response. God loved her. In her funeral I used the parable of the Farmer, and I referred to her as the good seed.

  3. You are so right. One doesn't know what they can really hear and meditate on when in a state such as dementia. Good for you Reg. You were a blessing to your grandma.

  4. Thanx Marg. you are so right. I really never knew if she was with me during those readings. but I do know at least there was always at some point that she did. few knew the Bible like her, so all I really needed to do was show her where I was, and she was okay with it.