Sunday, 11 October 2009

A true Survivor

Picea pungens Hoto,  Hoto Colorado Blue Spruce

This guy when I received him was about 50 cm high. Just a little guy. he was on a wagon going to that Garden Centre's burn pile. I happened to see it and it was the "Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree" if there ever was one. Mostly dead, and what was left of the needles were purple. I asked if  I could have it, and was willing to pay something for it. They gave it to me. With much neglect after planting it, it started to revive a year later. Three years on it started to thrive. All the ills of the tree were gone and started to look amazing. Now he is over 10 meters tall and is magnificent. You never know what can happen.

Hint here: Never let people touch these Spruce types. The reason for this is that the Grey-Blue- Colour is a very thin coating (cubical) on the needles, when touching it comes off. It will loose this coating with time anyway, but it does so rather evenly when left alone. Like wise never touch the Candles (the new growth) in spring as it will really damage that great colour. I believe I am the only person to ever have touched this tree (here). I warn people never to. People want to touch these because of the amazing Grey-Blue colour they display. It really looks like it was sprayed on.


  1. oh you green thumbed life saver you!
    that was such a kind thing to do.
    what a tender heart you have!
    did i teach you some good when i used to baby-sit you sonny sikora?
    i think every kid in the neighborhood knew better than to kill bugs when i was around!
    and you, saving this tree? well you have gone the extra mile indeed! terry

    what a majestic tree this has become!

  2. I remember well one time when you caught Gary and I killing Maggots, not a pretty site. I will not allow any one to kill life in the garden with few exceptions. I warn kids every time not to. Spiders seem to be a favourite target.
    One insect that I seek out is the Popillia japonica, Japaneses Beatles. They are very destructive and are not native to Canada (come from Japan).