Thursday, 15 October 2009

Eating in a Mexican Restaurant

Papilio cresphontes;, Giant Swallow-tail Butter-fly
Asteraceae tagetes :, Marigold Cottage Red
The reason for the title is that Marigolds come from Mexico, and to me this particular Marigold reminds me of Mexico, so there you have it. They are also a member of the Aster Family. However not the rich ones from the RMS Titanic fame !!!!!
Anyway these Giant Swallow-tails love many things in the garden a wide variety actually. This pic came out different than what I had expected. the Sun was really low in the evening and I guess the Sun light just caught it right for my liking. The wings almost have a stained glass look

Marigolds are so easy to grow and because they are from Mexico also drought resistant. So much so that they become some how looked down upon by Serious Gardeners. They should not be, they add guaranteed colour and endurance to any condition that they find them selves in. To make them show their very best plant them heavily. crowd them in and it becomes a show stopper.
I may use this one for "Ruby Tuesday" next week


  1. boy...your paradise garden is a regular smorgasbord ally for all those butterflies, bees and birds and bugs sonny.
    you are feeding them and at the same time getting some really beautiful pictures and you are sharing them with us.
    god bless you terry

  2. O man I have a couple thousand for sure in my collection, as it was I was the only person ever seeing them. So now I am sharing with all. Fun actually. I actually see my garden now in a different way.