Sunday, 18 October 2009

My Urban Pond
This pond and it's surroundings are very natural and self contained. I really do not do much here at all. I mixed native and hybrids together that all like similar conditions and let them fend for them selves. One thing I did was to off set the bench a bit so you kind of have to look through some greenery to see the pond. It gives the whole a much more natural look, and more relaxing. For the fish it is better as well, they continue their lives much less disturbed. The biggest problem for me with this pond is servicing it. I had to create a walkway behind the pond so I can do what needs to be done, with out going into it every time. All said it truly is a  relaxing place to enjoy a bit of time out. The most expensive thing I did was to set up lights for this. Underwater pond lights are expensive but well worth the effort, especially for the fountain it adds a bit of class to the whole. The Bronze Cranes are Fountains as well but I never use them that way.

Always remember no matter how natural the look, a back-yard pond is and it's surroundings are 100 % man made and needs regular care.  Spend at least 2 hours a week on it. Or at least commit to that.
Last thing here always leave a lip of the Liner above the ground level. It may look ugly but it will prevent dirt and fertilizer and so forth from entering your pond. A fun thing here is to get creative and hide that liner edge. You see the liner by the walk way in this picture, however it is okay as it is structural and you would look past it into the pond.


  1. i think that it is very relaxing and very wild looking and beautiful sonny.
    kind of reminds me of all the ponds in the prairie fields, bernie and i saw as we made the drive out to rapid city to see mr.and mrs. collins[donna's and rossy's mom and dad].
    once in a while we could see the odd duck on the small ponds.
    oh how lovely these ponds looked as they were surrounded by yellow canola flowers!!
    oh how i long for that beloved manitoba of mine! terry

    ps...mrs.collins had a name for those ponds but i forget what it was..maybe you know sonny.
    mr. and mrs. collins have one right behind their back yard!

  2. In my family at any rate we called them slews and some of them where fantastic others not so much. I use to play on the shore of a big one on my Grandparents farm in Saskatchewan. but wood ticks where a huge problem