Thursday, 8 October 2009

a wild day lily, or ditch lily

Hermerocallis cingulata
These are great plants and forget it once planted, a real no fuss plant and really takes care of those bald areas in the garden. They are messy looking in late summer but easy to clean up


  1. you have any jack in the pulpits?
    this pretty orange lily really lasts a long time too,eh?
    sonny i have a jack in the pulit post on my blog somewhere...i will email you the url to it.
    it would be just great if you could get some!
    love terry

  2. actually I do at that. I just checked the ones on your site they are wonderful pictures

  3. you have some?
    any pictures?

    oh how did you ever put that nice picture on the top?
    it is stunning!!
    how come you have that blank white "create a blog" on the side?
    it takes away somehow from your nice blog!
    after all if someone wants to create a blog, they can just click at the top sonny sikora!
    love terry

  4. I have no idea why it is there like that I hate it.It really does take away from the site.
    for the pic on the header it was not hard at all actually I just went to Customize, then to edit from there I clicked to the header here and it popped up an edit page. I saw that you could add a pic. so I did. however, the pic in full is much nicer. I had to size it for the space. I will download the actual picture on the Blog

  5. dear sonny...i think you might be able to get rid of that white blogger box..
    sign in and click in "view blog" and then when your site "customize" and in there you will see where you can edit it and then delete it.
    try that sonny because your blog is too beautiful to have that thing right there! terry