Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dinner Time

Papilio glaucus Linnaeus,Swallowtail Butter-fly / Hemerocallis, Day-Lily

 This was so nice to take. I have another of the same fellow in a Tiger Lily. It was fun actually I had a coffee and smoke and watched him from a far. Where ever he landed I snared a pic till he left. For shots like these I have a 70 to 300mm Canon Len. This way I need not chase after the creature involved. I just zoom in.


  1. this is cute!
    sonny, did i ever tell you about the time that your "hero", gary put a butterfly into his mouth and ATE it just because he was mad at me one day.
    to this day i have NEVER forgiven him for that murder!
    oh, I was so mad but what could i do, eh?
    now YOU would never hurt a flea would you sonny sikora?
    love terry

  2. Not the Butter-fly however the flea just ask my dog about that one!!!!!
    That is such a cute story I love it. I would have done the same to my sisters if I was mad at them and it would get a reaction. as far as Gary being a hero yep he was in those days!!!!!! He used to tease Sandra and I to no end about Love. How ever when it came to the serious stuff he always defended us both from the bullies on the base. he even allowed a kid like me to hang around him and I was so much younger.

  3. actually in turn I used to let Gary Donohue hang around as well with me a few years later and he was much younger than I.