Saturday, 10 October 2009

Nothing like getting your food all over you

Disamibiguation, Bumble-bee, / Hydrangea , PG Hydrangea

It is incredible to see these magnificent animals up close to see how they really look, and what they are doing. Here you can see how the plant uses the bee to further its own cause for the next generation. It is amazing how Nature constructed this design of life. And for the bee it's reward is the lunch at hand. Just to do it again on the next flower
Note here: you can tell that she is an old Adult about a four weeks old. and soon to die. The way to know this is by the lack of  hair on her Abdomen. One North American Species only lives for 13 days as an adult


  1. this guy looks like he is really gorging, and you say he will go for another flower after this?
    boy, your paradise garden is just like a giant smorgasbord sonny sikora and it is an all you can eat for FREE!!!yummy!!!
    love terry

  2. it really is, I am just realizing as I put the pics up that people must think that this is a huge garden. However it is a rather mid sized back yard garden in an Urban setting.