Tuesday, 13 October 2009


:, Brown Eyed Susan  /  Echinacea purpurea:, Purple Cone Flower
I just love this picture in a fun way. These two flowers just reminds me of two best friends, lovers, sole mates,  or even a comforting moment. Funny how we can put Human feelings to such things.
Back to the real world the Rubeckia is a relative of the Sun-flower. They are excellent as a mass planting in a large garden. just give them their own space and they are fine. The same can be said of the Echinacea. What is even nicer is planting them together. I will post one like that in the future


  1. They do look like they are comforting each other!

  2. yes mama zen...they DO look like they are comforting each other, don't they?
    sonny maybe they are trying to console each other that even if winter IS coming that spring never fails and they and the roses WILL bloom again!!...love terry