Saturday, 10 October 2009

The Heart of a Purple Cone Flower

Echinacea purpea,  Purple Cone Flower
This was taken with a Macro Lens on a Canon EOS XT 10 meg digital . The interiors of some flowers are just incredible. I have better shots, but it is about finding them on one of a number of disks I have.I will replace this one when I find it. Starting this blog thing made me realize I need to go threw everything and start naming pictures instead of the camera pic number that most things are


  1. sonny..i don't really see how this picture can be much better.
    it is stunning!
    oh this would be perfect for a ruby tuesday post!
    do you have all of your pictures on discs sonny.
    we have several portable hard drives that we store our pictures on besides discs because there is no way that you would want to lose pictures like THIS!!
    you should always have a back up of them.
    i am really bad too sonny for labeling photos.
    i waste so much time trying to find some of mine!!
    you are doing really well with your blog..
    you know more than i do.
    you know when i used to teach piano lessons, i was so hard on my students that by the time i had taught them a piece,,,they could play it far better than i could and here i have just told you a few things kiddo of mine and you are getting more and more smarty terry

  2. yes I am learning a lot, I am actually putting Url's on stuff like those flags even. so when you click on them they take you to a site. This is so much fun for me. i just hope people get something out of it. The CFB Rivers site now works as well :)

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