Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The King

Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus)

This guy was named specifically for a King. A King of Great Britian  no less. He was named for King William III of the duo Monarchy of William III and Mary II. Actually very fitting for the name of this Butterfly. William III was of the "House of Orange" in the Netherlands. Hence the name of this Butterfly. This guy is a male. The way to know this is by looking at the lower wings. You will see he has a black mark on the vain on each wing almost looking like a wart!! The Female does not have this marking.

I am so lucky to have a lot of these guys in my garden. More so than most people do in their gardens. At times by the hundreds. The reasons for this are many but the two main ones are:  I have a large amount of native plants in the garden, also I have a large amount of Asclepias syriaca:,  Milk-weed here as well.
The other is I rarely use insecticide in the garden unless I really have to, and then it is when I can be specific to what needs to be controlled.


  1. hi sonny....nice to hear your voice again,
    so sorry that you aren't feeling too well.
    did you get your flu shot yet?
    in welland they are doing the 65 years and older first and then we can have ours.
    i'm not getting the newest one though...just the regular flu shot.
    this is one handsome butterfly..i wondered if it was a queen but i read your explanation as to how you know that he is a king!
    sonny have you got any pictures of the milk weed.?
    i would so love to see one!
    did you get the fall pictures that i sent to you ...there were about 18 of them, especially for my kiddo...you!...love terry

  2. I did and I am so happy that you sent them. I was going to write a note later about it.
    I do have pictures of milk weed but not good ones. I will post one to-marrow.I hope that you enjoy the Lords prayer in Arameric, and 1200's English