Friday, 9 October 2009

TIPS for Spring Planting

On each plant package you will find a detailed label giving you vital zone rating information, sun
exposure requirements, planting depth and spacing for the variety you’ve chosen. This information is very
useful in helping you to decide where and how to plant your bulbs. Plant your bulbs, roots down, to the
appropriate depth and spacing as indicated on the package labeling. With some bulbs it is difficult to tell which
is the root end, so when in doubt plant them on their sides. You can either dig individual holes for each bulb
or plant entire groups of bulbs in one large hole. There is no need to add fertilizer to the newly dug holes,
however, a nice top-dressing of organic fertilizer is always recommended for newly planted sites. Once your
bulbs are in the ground and covered with soil be sure to water them well.

After your bulbs have bloomed in Late Spring it is absolutely essential that the foliage is allowed to die back
naturally. This allows the bulbs to store enough energy to produce a flower the following Spring season. Avoid the temptation to cut off yellowing foliage before it has completely died back.


  1. dear sonny....what a great idea about planting the bulbs on their sides.
    there were a few time's that katy, the lady i looked after in the country wanted some bulbs planted....of course, i never knew the top from the bottom so i just let betty, who also worked there on a different day of course, plant them. she and my baby brother david were the only green thumbs in our family!!
    still though, with your suggestion, how could i go wrong when we plant the bulbs this terry

  2. your welcome, when ever in confusion plant it on it's side.