Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Expressive Young Fellow

Turdus migratorius, called North American Robin, also American Robin

This guy is all attitude, he has the facial expression second to none. But what is even funnier is if you look to the lower right he is giving the finger, so it seems,
Because of the gardens and the pond, I have as well as my neighbours receive a lot of Robins in our yards. Almost all produce two families a year, a few three. So there are many here to enjoy. They are also protected by a 30+ meter Acer  saccharumin:, Sugar Maple in my front yard which seems to be a gathering point for them, by the hundreds. They also share with Passer domesticus:, House Sparrows in that tree. What a racket in the mornings and the evenings, mainly in the spring.
As I mentioned in a previous post these are not true Robins, they belong to to the Turdus:, Thrush Family. The easiest way to know this is by the spots on the belly of the young. All members of the Thush Family have this characterization.


  1. These are really great pics! Very special! :)


  2. this guy has a mug that would stop a clock.
    what a cheeky little thing he is, eh, sonny?
    love terry

  3. he is so adorable I love this pic.