Friday, 23 October 2009

An Admiral, but not of the Seas

Vanessa atalanta:, Red Admiral Butterfly   Echinacea pururea:, Purple Cone Flower

These are an incredibly beautiful butterfly, and very plentiful here in the Niagara Region. Actually kind of over looked much of the time. They do not seem to be picky eaters as long as you have Native Plants in the Garden.
Although many native plants are considered by most of us as weeds. They really do have a place in the garden. If you want diversity of nature to visit the garden it is a must. Control of these weeds can be a problem. However if you "dead head" these regularly and pay attention to it, they will not get out of hand. Also never put your weed plant material in you compost pile. They can hold seed for up to 7 or more years in some cases. If you ever notice most very manicured gardens have little in the way of wildlife in them. There is nothing in these garden types to attract diversity. However you may get a few creatures checking things out but rarely stay.

Hint here: By definition a weed is any plant unwanted. In this case any natural plants to your area. Interestingly Dandelions and Creeping Charlie are both from Europe. They are Naturalized WEEDS !!!!!

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