Friday, 9 October 2009

Northern Cardinal

Cardinalis cardinalis
This is my favourite bird of them all. I am blessed to have a mated pair homesteading in my back yard. this was taken in my Neighbour's back yard . I am also fortunate that most of my neighbours including myself have bird feeders. it is also a Paradise for the squirrels


  1. for sure and it IS a lovely paradise for the birds and squirrels sonny.
    now this would be a good picture for you to make a ruby tuesday post with.
    it and a few of your gorgeous red or pink flowers in one could call it, "reg's ruby red paradise for the birds and the squirrels"
    it would be good if you joined sonny..

    the url to this meme is...
    what say sonny sikora? terry

  2. Okay I joined the site. I guess my next question is now what!!!!!

  3. ok sonny...wait until monday night and then you can do a ruby tuesday for oct 13th. i will show you how then ok.
    this bird is really going to catch the eye of many people!
    and you will get some good comments over here at your paradise garden blog!
    i have met a lot of nice people who have become friends because of ruby tuesday!
    good going sonny.!!.love terry