Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Canada Day !!!!!!!!!

Alliaceaea allium;. Purple Star Burst Allium

This is an incredible spring flower. Very structural and gives nice height to the spring look. These guys are related to Garlic, Onions, Shallots, and Leeks all from the Dinner Table. and these are all a sub Family of the Liliaceae:, Lily family.
The Allium has a wonderful smell and can truly be noticed from a distance. They also make a great dried flower arrangement plant after the flower is finished (when naturally browned).
the negative to this plant but for many a plus it readily self seeds. So in a few years you could have many more than ever intended.


  1. dear sonny.
    this IS an incredible looking guy for sure but you said that he is related to the onion and garlic family so does that mean that he smells like garlic or onion or leek because if he does then maybe it is just as well that you smell him from a distance!!love terry

  2. Hi Terry,

    What a beautiful blog you have here! Beautiful flowers!

    This is my first visit but not my last! :)


  3. actually no it has a very mild perfume smell very much like an expensive Lily.However if you taste the bulb it does smell and taste like an Onion

  4. wow thank-you very very much