Thursday, 22 April 2010

What is in a Name

Tulipa Diana PoW (Diana PoW Tulip) This is a truly beautiful cream white Tulip and I can see why it was named for her. This was the tulip used for her casket in 1997. I bought these in 96 so it had nothing to do with her passing at that time. I will say the price doubled on these in the fall of 1997 . Sadly it was to take advantage of an event.

Diana was the former wife of Charles and mother of the future King William V

Tulipa Toronto (Toronto Tulip) These are very beautiful and a strong pink for a tulip. Very sturdy and long lasting. These guys stand out even with large numbers of tulips on display.

Toronto is the largest city and metropolitan area in Canada, as well as the Capital of the Province of Ontario. Population Metro area 5,900,000

Tulipa Ile de France (Ile de France Tulip) This tulip is probably the very best of the reds. Absolutely out standing in every way. I recommend this one every time.

The Ile de France was considered the most beautiful ship ever built. She was in the Art Deco style. She was not the biggest or the fastest ship built but she was all style. There is a replica of her first class dinning room in Montreal Canada, a real must see.
Narcissus King Alfred (King Alfred Daffodil) and Tulipa Ile de France (Ile de France Tulip)
King Alfred was the king of Wessex and later claimed more land, which later grew and became England.


  1. Your photos are breathtaking.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Thank-you so much Andrea, I appreciate that a lot.

  3. dear sonny..i am so happy that you put princess's diana's tulip in this post.
    she was a fine lady and this slim white rose is just like her..fine and pure!
    it was a great loss when she was killed in that car accident and that prince charles should really be ashamemd of himself!
    what a beautiful name for such an ewqusite tulip "Tulipa Diana PoW".love terry

  4. It truly is an amazing tulip. I had the pleasure of seeing her three times in my life. Once in London, then Halifax and the last time in Kingston. The crowds where huge. I feel so lucky to have seen her.

  5. as always Reg, awesome photographs. stunning.

  6. Thanx very much there GardenerX