Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth II of Canada

I find it inspiring that this Lady has continued to be so dedicated to Canada and the Commonwealth even now, when she could have retired so many years ago. She is a very Christian Lady, who serves God and does good work for the lesser amongst us.

By the way she is also an avid gardener. She enjoys getting her hands dirty in her private gardens as well.


  1. I very much enjoyed looking through your posts and found them to be interesting.
    Thank you for visiting my site.

  2. I truly enjoyed your site as well. I will visit often.

  3. oh sonny! what a lovely picture and what a lovely post!
    you know queen elizabeth had always been a hero of mine.
    i will never forget october 31, 1964, when i arrived home from school and mom golden handed me a letter from queen elizabetn. i could hardly believe it!
    i was so happy that i started to cry and i asked mom golden, "i am not sad mom, so why am i crying?"
    she told me that this was normal because sometimes people are so happy that they will cry!
    you see sonny, i had written to the queen and she had answered. i was fourteen and of course didn't understand that the queen had ladies in waiting[royal secretaries] to answer her mail but you know sonny, no one could tell me that it wasn't the queen herself that typed that siree!
    i was really surprised that one of these ladies in waitings who had signed the letter, Lady Susan Hussey, was chosen as one of prince william's god mothers.
    in all sonny i received five letters from the queen...
    oh what a joy to see this picture of a truly christian queen...god save the queen! terry

  4. this is such a nice story. I am familiar with who Lady Hussey is. I think it is great to have this even though it was not the Queen her self. My Grandmother received a congrats note from Buckingham Palace. I had sent it in as her 90th birthday was coming up. Grandma just loved it. I am sure there are so many wonderful stories like yours out there. I love hearing about them.