Sunday, 11 April 2010

the First Tulip Bloom of the Year

Tulipa Pygmy (Pygmy Tulip)
This guy looks big and is acting big as well. I am not saying as I blame him as he is the only Tulip in bloom amongst 3 thousand in the garden. He is always the first. I can depend on him every year to do just this. For me he is the bench marker for Spring. I actually go out of my way to never interfere with him, and I have a marker so I never do. By the way he is only 15 cm tall !!!!!!  I have some that reach 1 meter but do not tell him that!!!!!

I have another variety that is only half this guy's size but it blooms much later. I will post those in due course.


  1. that striped guy sure is a bench marker for spting sonny sikora!
    as for me..the bench marker for spring is the good ole' dandelion!.ha! terry

  2. I have never heard of this tulip but it looks really pretty.

  3. yes Terry I just killed hundreds of those Dandelions to-day in my front yard. I do it on my hands and knees and go threw the hole front lawn. Lots of fun actually. I must look crazy to all my neighbours.

    Melanie this is a very old variety and much closer to the native Tulips from Northern Iran, and Iraq, than to the hybrids from the Netherlands. There are so many types to keep track of. I do not even try. Likely they probably have a couple of names as well. I bought these with that Label on the the packing. It may even refer to the size rather than a name.

  4. I suppose it is one of those species tulips. I have a few of those in my garden too. T. tarda has creamy white and yellow flowers.

  5. wow it sounds great. I hope that you post it when it blooms out. On a side story. With in a few days my Garden is going to explode with tulip blooms, we are to reach into the mid 20 o C + again Just to warm for this time of year. We actually reached 29 at Easter.