Friday, 30 April 2010

Vive les Canadiens

This is a just because post!!!!!! Being a Canadian we love our Hockey. The other day the Montreal Canadiens went to the second round fooling every one and destroying the Washington Capitols. The top seeded team in Pro Hockey. Montreal was 8th. So here is my boast for the moment. The banner is flying high in my Garden.

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  1. well sonny least you like one of the oringinal six..i remember when i used to know all of the hockey players names..and my favourite team was chicago black hawks [and still is..ha!]
    although chicago WAS my favourite team, my most beloved player was detroit red winds gordie howe because one time some cruel fan threw a guinea pig on the ice and that guy skated to it and picked the little guy with tender hands, saved its life and gently took him to the payers bench.
    how can fans be soooo cruel sonny sikora?
    it is beyond me!! terry