Monday, 5 April 2010

Not exactly Easter Eggs

Here it is just days after the first Toad invasion of the year.
I have Thousands of eggs on hundreds of strands in the fish pond. I suspect if the last couple of years are any indication I will have about a 70 % survival rate. Great for the Toads as well as us really.

The Bafo b americanus ( Eastern American Toad) is a great hunter of insects and un-wanted creatures of the garden.. These guys when they leave the pond will be the size of a pinky finger nail. They are truly small when they leave and when they do, it is a black carpet of moving souls. We have no shortage of these creatures in my neighbour-hood. I wonder why!!!

1 comment:

  1. oh! are these ever incredible pictures sonny!
    i guess that the toads are a really good help to you. do they come in all sizes and do you have any frogs.
    i hate it sometimes to see when we are driving out in the country to see people shooting frogs just so they can cook the frog's legs.
    those little guys have no protection at at all against those two legged savages!!
    mom golden used to call albert schweitzer sonny sikora and you and gary know exactly why she did!
    i raised you into one nice and kind kid...a lover of all insects, birds and animals!!
    you would not hurt a flea and i am glad! terry