Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Bit of Canadiana

A Betula papyrifera (Paper Birch or Canoe Birch) This one is in my Neighbour's yard and is amazing. The tree branches go into my yard, and I feel lucky to have it do so. I used just the trunks here so people can understand what is used to make the canoe. It is lit at night with flood lights.

For the Non Canadians that read this, These trees are what the Birch Bark Canoe was made from.

 Same tree near my side of the property line. The flowering is about to start. I would not recommend this tree to every one. It is slightly messy actually. However for a tree lover this is a fantastic one to have.


  1. birch trees are my favourite trees sonny sikora.
    we have a small one in our front lawn.
    welland used to have so many birches until they cleared a lot of them away to put up new homes.
    niagara college is growing but it hurts my heart to see how cruelly they are cutting the trees down, leaving whole lawns with just cut tree stumps.
    i love this picture of your neighbour's tree.
    thanks for posting it terry

  2. I know and the Birch has such a problem with Birch Bark Bore as it is and we do so much more damage to them then any disease could ever do.