Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Close Up and Personal

Here it is the interior of that Pygmy Tulip. It truly is beautiful. I used a Macro Lens for this and the others that follow
This is a red tulip that I do not know what it is called, again with a Macro Lens. This guy bloomed out to-day he was just doing it when I got up close and personal!!!!
A "Bee's Eye View" of a Daffodil, I keep thinking that this would be a jig-saw puzzle from hell!! I was amazed at how it turned out, again this is with the Macro Lens.
Here is that red tulip from two pics up, now he is open. I love this picture.

Any-way I finally figured out how to put the captions under each picture just now, so I will do it this way from now on. I think it will be easier to look at the pics and know what I am yapping about!!


  1. oh wow are such a good photographer!
    what kind of camera do you use?
    do you think that you would succeed to find me a jack-in-the-pulpit and take a macro picture of it for your old babysitter or does dunnville woods have any?
    hope they terry

  2. O Terry I have a surprise for you. I have a couple of Jacks in my garden , so I do not have to look for them. I will dig up a pic of a couple of them in the next few days. I took pics of them as I always liked them as well.

    O the Camera. It is a Canon EOS Rebel XT 10 mg 2008. model. I love the Macro pics so much since I am legally blind and mostly colour blind as well. I can now see what every one else takes for granted. Except for the colour. But you know what I understand the colours any way. Since I was not always colour blind.