Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A Quote from Christ,, April 21 2010

Elytrigia (Crouch Grass) and Digitaria (Crabgrass). Where does one start with these guys. Well not to-day. However I will to-marrow in how to get rid of these in the garden. These fit in with my to-day's Quote however.

Tulipa (Tulips) These are just beautiful as are the hundreds that are now in bloom in the garden.

‘Men pull up weeds and burn them in the fire. It will be like that at the end of the age. The *Son of Man will send out his *angels. They will take away everything that causes *sin. They will take out all people who do evil things. They will throw them into a great fire. Many people will weep then, and be very sorry. Then the *righteous people will shine like the sun in the *kingdom of their Father. If you hear this, understand it’.

I thought of this to-day when I was pulling the grass out of the garden and it haunted me continuously.  So what better Quote of Christ than this. I would also have thrown these in a fire but we are not allowed to have fires any longer. So into the big paper recycle bag they went.

The tulips at the moment remind me of the righteous, doing and showing their beauty and glory. Amazingly they look even more beautiful when the weeds are removed. I think that speaks of us as well.


  1. dear sonny..what a deep thinker you are. these are really true words that you have quoted here.
    how great it is of the lord that he will let us choose to accept him with all of our sins, and that we will not be burnt up like these weeds!
    i have always thought that the greatest deal in the world is the trading of our sins for his forgiveness! he has paid for all of those sins, past. present and future!
    what a great deal that is, eh sonny sikora?..
    loved this terry

  2. I love working in the garden and think about all sorts of things. Most of the time nothing earth shattering but sometimes like the other day I amaze myself with something like this.