Monday, 5 April 2010

Spring Flowers

 The first pic is of the Crocus, as is the second of course. These are the Crocus "E.A. Bowles"(purple), and the Crocus "Jeanne d'Arc" (yellow). The next is the Narcissus "Salome". this pale yellow will turn a more apricot colour as it ages.The last picture is of the Forsythia x intermedia.

Because of the fantastic weather the last few days, we are now starting to get a nice look at the spring flowers. It is so nice to see all this. My Garden will now be in continuous bloom through December. Changes will be weekly and it is wonderful to watch it all march threw the weeks and months to come.


  1. Thank-you very much. Dimple

  2. you will have flowers until december sonny?
    that is really nice..
    i think that the squirrels must of eaten all of our crocuses..the little monsters!
    we will just have to try again for next year.
    after all they are my beloved manitoba's provincial flower and they are so pretty!
    you might have to post more than once a week to accommodate all the gorgeous flowers that grow in your garden mr. green jeans..........haha!
    love terry