Thursday, 15 April 2010

Red Sky

Since I was a Sailor for so many years I thought I would do this. My weather forecast for the gardeners out there.
"Red Sky at night, Sailor's delight
Red sky in morning, Sailor take warning."

This was taken at sun set to-day, and it is supposed to rain to-marrow, also thunder storms forecast., and of course for the week-end as well. So I am guessing the sky will be really red in the morning


  1. yes,,it rained here today sonny.
    this pretty red sky is ALMOST as nice as a manitoba sunset, eh?
    how happy i was last july to finally see one again!
    i had almost forgotten what the sunsets were like in my beloved manitoba..
    of for the good old days when the sun was setting red and all the little children were outside in it playing hide and go seek or hop scotch.
    do you remember sonny sikora that the old people in the neighbourhood, your mom, my mom and mrs. dixon[the dixon kids were another family that i used to babysit] were all excited to be playing hop scotch with the kids?
    oh boy and they were so old..on their lat 20's at least!...ha!,, poor you and sandra panda were too young in those days to be playing with us older kids! were to be seen and not heard!.....nice picture terry

  2. O to be in my late 20's again and be so old !!!!! I did not think those old people knew what fun was!!!!!!! I just remember how much fun us young kids had and you where always there to keep it safe and fun