Friday, 16 April 2010

Some more first day blooms

Prunus accolade Standard (Cherry Accolade Standard) This standard is in my neighbour's yard. It is beautiful. I will post the tree later when it is more opened up.

Pacasandra (Pacasandra) These are a great ground cover but I am not really fond of it as it tends to look scruffy most of the time. It does have it's place all the same in a difficult planting space.

Myosotis sylvanica ( Woodland Forget me Not) These are wonderful in the garden and I just let them go where ever they want to. At the moment they are just 6 cm high, but as they flower they increase in size and show. They really add to a garden. I have the white variety as well.


  1. the farmers are worried sonny that the blossoms are coming out too early.
    sonny you know the "tulip tree", eh?
    well the ones in welland are all blooming and most of the trees have not even got their leaves yet.
    you probably know the real name of the tree but bernie and always call them tulip trees!
    ha! very scientific, eh? terry

  2. probably the Magnolia, They are coming on right now, not unusual for them to flower before the leaves come on. You are correct every thing is at least two weeks too soon, in some cases three weeks. So far we are being lucky and all is okay and it looks that way for the next week any way.